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Jaundice and Kernicterus

Latest verdict $33 million.
Congratulations! $78 million verdict.
Sheldon O. Zisook, president and founder of the firm, has a child who was born with cerebral palsy. He understands what it means to care for a handicapped child. Subsequently, he became one of the largest birth trauma attorneys in the country. You should find this web site very helpful.
Why does my child have cerebral palsy?
Did a medical mistake cause your child’s cerebral palsy? Unfortunately, medical mistakes are the cause of many cerebral palsy cases. Doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes during delivery. Birth mistakes usually occur right before, during, or after delivery. You may be entitled to millions and millions of dollars if any of the following occurred:
Your delivery was unduly delayed.
Your child was not breathing after birth. Find out if your child is entitled to lifetime benefits. Click here.
Your child had seizures after birth.
Your child was transferred to Intensive Care.
Your child had an MRI after birth.
Record verdicts
Mr. Zisook, over the course of many years, has researched extensively the best medical malpractice attorneys throughout the country who have the expertise to handle a birth trauma case. Our criteria was based on lawyers who have achieved record-setting verdicts on cerebral palsy and brain damage cases.

As an example of their success, we have listed several record-setting awards made by our referring attorneys (these are the very same attorneys at the firms that could be assigned to your case).

$120 million: This unbelievable verdict was received for a breech delivery. In this case, an earlier delivery would have prevented the permanent brain damage that the child suffered.

$103 million: This tremendous verdict was received for a child born with cerebral palsy. In this case, the fetal heart rate had dropped to a dangerous level causing a lack of oxygen to the child’s brain. An earlier delivery would have prevented the resulting cerebral palsy.

$100 million: In this case, there was a lack of oxygen to the brain causing severe and permanent brain damage. The child was placed on a ventilator in order to breathe.


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